ie:music was established in 1992 by industry veterans, David Enthoven and Tim Clark. The company is focused solely on the management of artists and its philosophy is that their artists’ interests are paramount.

As digital technology throws the music industry into turmoil, ie:music believes that great opportunities come from disarray.

Clark and Enthoven’s mantra: the artist and the fan are the two most important parts of the music industry, everything else is just the gloop in the middle!


Robbie Williams - Celebrating 20 Years in Music

Robbie Williams: Celebrating 20 Years in Music

ISC were proud to publish this retrospective of Robbie Williams’ then 20 year solo music career in conjunction with ie:music in October 2010.

Robbie’s development as an artist is mapped out through a series of interviews with the most important people involved in his success.

  • Published in conjunction with ie:music to mark a musical milestone.
  • 168 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • October 2010
  • English