International Telecommunications Union - Celebrating 130 Years 1865-1995

International Telecommunication Union – Celebrating 130 Years 1865-1995

  • Published in association with ITU to mark their 130th Anniversary.
  • 612 pages, hardback, A4 sized
  • October 1995
  • English, French, Spanish
General Introduction
By Dr Pekka Tarjanne, Secretary-General of the ITU
List of Member Countries and Members of the ITU Council
A Description of the ITU
From Morse to Multimedia – A History of the ITU
Message of the Secretary-General of the United Nations
Doing It Together: Co-operation between UNESCO and the ITU
By Frederico Mayor, Director-General of UNESCO
Meteorology and Telecommunications
By Dr A. A. Vasiliev, President of the World Meteorology Organisation (WMO) Commission for Basic Services
The IMO, ITU and Radio at Sea
By William A. O’Neil, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organisation
Co-ordination and Co-operation between ICAO and the ITU
By Dr Philippe Rochat, Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation Organisation
The Universal Postal Union
By Thomas E. Leavey, Director-General
Advancing Global Telecommunications
By Robert E. Allen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T
Accelerating the Pace in the Telecommunications Superhighway
By Sir Iain Vallance, Chairman, BT
Telecommunications in the 21st Century – The Public/Private-Sector Partnership
By Ivan Seidenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, NYNEX Corporation
A World of Networks: Connect to the Future
By Jean C. Monty, President and Chief Executive Officer, Northern Telecom Limited
The Road to Ubiquitous Wireless Communications
By Gary L. Tooker, President and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola
Telefónica’s Committment to World Telecommunications
By Cándido Valázquez-Gaztelu, Chairman of Telefónica de España
Telstra Becomes More Directly Involved in ITU Work
By W. Frank Blount, CHief Executive Officer, Telstra Corporation Limited
The Work of the ITU’s Three Sectors
Making the Connection, the ITU’s Standardisation Activities
Sharing the Spectrum, the ITU’s Radiotelecommunication Activities
An Engine of Growth, the ITU’s Development Activities
Technology Overview
Lines Around the Globe – A Historial Overview of Telecommunications
By Andrew Emmerson
From Marconi to UMTS – 100 Years of Radiotelecommunications
By Ian Channing
Universal Personal Telecommunications
By Ian Scales
Antenna Developments in Sweden
By Ulf Saldell, Technical Director, Aligon AB, Sweden
Digital Radio-Relay Systems
By Dr Rudolf P. Hecken, Consultant in Telecommunications Technologies
Opportunities in the Payphone Business
By Bob Naggar, Marketing Director, IPM International
The Public Telephone Network
By Martyn Warwick
PABX and Keyphone Systems – The Corporate Hubs of the Past and Future
By Julie Harnett
Data Communications Comes of Age
By John Williamson
Intelligent Networking
By Ian Scales
Information Superhighways
By Martyn Warwick
Computers and Information Technology
By Martyn Warwick
Winning Competitive Advantage through the use of Integrated IT Systems
By Richard J. Snow, Business Development Director, Sema Group UK Systems Ltd
The Multimedia Jigsaw Puzzle
By Ian Scales
Developments in Video Dial-Tone Services Delivered over Hybrid Fiber/Coax Networks
By Jack P. Reily, Vice President, Business Development, ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Talking to the World – THe History of Broadcasting
By Matthew Baker
Text Communications a Historial Overview
By Peter Fletcher
Developing World Communications
By Ian Channing
Rural Telecommunications Development and the ITU
By M. J. Morris, Vice President, SR Telecom Inc., Canada
Bridging the Missing Link
By Dr Bishnu Dass Pradhan, Executive Director, C-DOT
Satellite Communications
INTELSAT – Satellite Communications for the World
By Irving Goldstein, Director-General and Chief Executive Officer
Inmarsat and the ITU – A Developing Relationship
By Olof Lundberg
The European Space Agency and the ITU
By Jean-Marie Luton, Director-General of the European Space Agency
The Changing Face of Satellite Communications
By John Williamson
Technology Briefs
Network Management takes Centre Stage
By John Williamson
Multivendor Network Management and the Attika Ring
By K. Gilas, Manager and N. Skiadas, Technical Expert, NMS Department, INTRACOM SA, Greece
Getting in Synch
By John Williamson
A New Main Distributor Frame Concept for Modern Exchange Sqitching Systems
By Dr Toni Bischofberger, Reiche & De-Massari AG, Switzerland
The World’s Biggest Machine
By Ian Scales
ITU Modem Standards and their Impact on the Market
By Michael Ziehl, Product Marketing Manager, Modem Systems, Rockwell Telecommunications
Optical Advances Spur Copper Revival
By John Williamson
The Information Copper Highway, ADSL and Multimedia Services
By Rob Faw, President and Chief Executive Officer, Westell International
Bridging the Last Mile – Wireless technology in the Local Loop
By Ian Channing
By Ian Scales
Regulation and Standardisation
The Changing Role of Regulation
By Stuart Sharrock
Evolving Standards
By Stuart Sharrock
The Megatrends of Telecommunications
By John Williamson
Numbering for the Future
By Stuart Sharrock
Finance and Markets
Financing Telecommunications
By James E. Dodd, Director, Kleinwort Benson Securities
The WorldTel Concept – How it came about and How it Works
By Terrefe Ras-Work, WorldTel Project Manager
Privatisation and Liberalisation
By Martyn Warwick
Investment in Emerging Telecommunications Markets: Needs and Returns
By Dr Paul Renard, Vice President project Finance Telecom and Nicolaas Heij, Senior Avisor Corporate Finance Telecom, ABN AMRO Bank
Fanancing Local Telecommunications in the Emerging Markets of Central Europe
By Peter Courtney, General Manager, ITI International Finance Ltd
Consultancy in the Telecommunications Industry
By Michael Vadon
Building a New Telco out of an Old One
By David Roffey, PA Consulting Group, London, UK
Trends in Telecommunications Tariffs: Does Rebalancing mean Higher Prices?
By Yuji Kato and Sam Paltridge
Trends in Telecommunications Tariffs: Transatlantic Telephone Calls from Radio to the First Cable, Photospread
Regional Reports – The Americas
The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission
By Roberto Blois, Executive Secretary, CITEL
North America Sets the Pace
By Steven Titch
A History and Profile of the CTU
By Roderick Sanatan, Secretary-General
Developments in Latin America and the Caribbean
By Steven Titch
Regional Reports – Europe
Regional Co-operation in Posts and Telecommunications
By Peter Quander, Secretary of CEPT
The EC Calls the Tune in Western Europe
By John Williamson
The Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications
By E. Manyakin, Director-General, RCC
The Curtain Rises on Central and Eastern Europe
By John Williamson
Moscow Calling
By Y. Pavlenko, Manging Director. COMSTAR Telecommunications
Regional Reports – Asia-Pacific
The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity
By Hiroyasu Sonoki, Executive Director, APT
Economic Growth Fuels Telcoms Expansion
By John Williamson
Telecoms Development in the Philippines
By Simeon L. Kintanar, Commissioner, National Telecommunications Commission
Regional Reports – Africa and the Arab States
Telecommunications in Africa – A Mountain still to Climb
By Robert Bailey
Arab Telecommunications – Meeting New Challenges
By Robert Bailey
Acknowledgements and Bibliography
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