World Trade Partners – Commemorating 25 Years of the World Trade Centers Association

World Trade Partners – Commemorating 25 Years of the World Trade Centers Association Centers Association

  • Published in association with the World Trade Centers Asociation to mark their Silver Anniversary.
  • 278 pages, hardback, A4 sized
  • December 1994
  • English
General Introduction
The World Trade Centers Association – 25 Years of Achievement
By Guy F. Tozzoli, President, World Trade Centers Association
Anniversary Message from the World Trade Centers Association Chairman, Tadayoshi Yamada
WTCA Committee on Information & Communications
By Thomas J. Kearney, Committee Chair and WCTA Vice President
WTCA Committee on Facilities
By John Drew
WTCA Committee on Planning & Finance
By Charles J. Maikish
WTCA Committee on Standards, Quality & Reciprocity
By Carlos Ronderos
WTCA Committee on Trade Policy & Facilitation
By Richard Nolan
WTCA Committee on Trade Fairs & Trade Marts
By Piero Piccardi
WTCA Committee on Trade Education
By Charles Allcock
WTCA Committee on Industrialising Nations
By K. H. Wu
Directory of World Trade Centers
Open Trade & the Global Market Place
By H. S. Singania, President, International Chamber of Commerce
Promoting a Healthy International Trade Environment: The IMF’s Role
By Richard Erb Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
The World Trade Organization & the Future of the Multilateral Trading System
By Peter Sutherland, Director General, GATT
The World on a Plate
By Anne Ager
Africa & the Middle East
Economic Co-operation in Africa
African Cities
South Africa at the Crossroads
By Peter Summerscale
Regional Integration in the Middle East
The Americas
Regional Integration in the Americas
Cities of the Americas
Latin America & the Caribbean: Links with the Global Economy
By the Economic Commisssion of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
Growing with Argentina
By the Ministerio de Economica y Obras y Sevicios Publicos
Mexico – A Burgeoning Trade Force
By Peter Summerscale
Asia & the Pacific
Regional Co-operation in Asia & the Pacific
Asian & Pacific Cities
Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation and World Trade
By Rusli Noor. Executive Director, APEC
India: A Growing Trade Force
By Peter Summerscale
Promoting Trade in the ITPO Way
By the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
The Role of the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka
Bank of Ceylon – Bankers to the Nation and Gateway to Sri Lanka
By the Bank of Ceylon
Regional Integration in Europe
European Cities
Croatia’s Trade & Investment: The Path to the Next Century
By the Republic of Croatia Ministry of Finance
Finiancing Reforms in Croatia
By the National Bank of Croatia
Hungarian Economy, Steady Progress
By the National Bank of Hungary
Russia & Central Europe: A Region of Trading Promise
By Peter Summerscale
Russia is Trading Anyway – But Why Not Do It Right?
By Paul Tatum, American Trade Center, Moscow
Business & Finance
General Overview of International Banking and Financial Services
contributed by the Bank of America
Improving Business Performance through Multilateral Trade
By Stuart Gomer, Director of Marketing, Atwood Richards
UN/EDIFACT and the Work of the UN Economic Commission of Europe on Trade Facilitation
By Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary UN/ECE
Tax Implications of Trading Within Europe
By Lotty van der Giessen-Boersma
Putting Technology to Work the Right Way
By John J. Holton, Corporate Vice President, Unisys Corporation
Some Strategic Issues in the Insurance Industry Today
By Dr Eugenio de Coppola de Canzano, Chairman of Assicurazioni Generali
Mineral Resources
A Global Perspective on Mineral Resources
By Robert P. Wilson, Chief Executive, RTZ Corporation
Corporate Location
International Corporate Location
By Philip Swinden, Editor, Corporate Location
Opening the Baltic Seaways
Helsinki – the Gateway to Growing Markets
Rousse International Free Zone
Wakefield: the Perfect Work and Leisure Environment
Hammond Enterprise Zone
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