UNIDO - 30 Years of Industrial Development

United Nations Industrial Development Organization – 30 Years of Industrial Development

  • Published in conjunction with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization to mark UNIDO’s 30th Anniversary.
  • 404 pages, hardback, A4 sized
  • December 1995
  • English, French, Spanish
General Introduction
Improving People’s Lives through Industry – UNIDO’s Mission
Message from Mr Mauricio de Maria y Campos, Director General of UNIDO
Member States comprising the UNIDO General Conference and Member States of the Industrial Development Board
Notes on the Authors
Industrial Development: The Next 30 Years
By John Cody, Area Programme Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean Branch, UNIDO
Industrial Development: A Global Historical Overview
By Peter J. Brennan, Consulting Editor, UNIDO, Public Information Section
Statistical Overview: 30 Years of Industrial Development by the Numbers
By Stephen R. Wilson, Industrial Development Officer, UNIDO, Industrial Statistics Branch
UNIDO: Historical Roots and Early Years
By Ibrahim Helmi Abdel-Rahman, First Executive Director (1967-1974)
UNIDO: The New Economic Order 1975-1985
By Dr Abd-El Rahman Khane, Second Executive Director (1975-1985)
UNIDO: Developing Private Industry 1985-1993
By Domingo L. Saizon Jr, First Director-General (19685-1993)
UNIDO: Towards the Millennium
By Mr Mauricio de Maria y Campos, Director General of UNIDO
Messages from other International Organizations and Regional Programmes
Partners in Sustainable Development: UNIDO and UNEP
By Elizabeth Dowdeswell, UN Under Secretary-General & UNEP Executive Director
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
By Carlos Fortin, Officer-in-charge of UNCTAD
International Trade Centre UNCTAD/GATT
By J. Denis Bélisle, Executive Director
WAITRO: 25 Years of International Cooperation in Research and Development
By Moses Mengu, Deputy Secretary-General
By Dr Jacques Diouf, Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization
Partnership – the Key and Challenge to Sustainable Development in Africa
Contribution coordinated by Messrs S. Ndam and F. Ugbor, UNIDO, Country Strategy and Programme Development Division, Africa Programme
The UN Economic Commission for Africa
By M. D. Sarr, Acting Executive Secretary, UNECA
The African Development Bank
By AfDB Staff
UNIDO Shows the Way to Industrial Diversification
By Morteza Abtahi, Senior Area Programme Officer, UNIDO, Country Strategy and Programme Development Division, Asia-Pacific Programme
The UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
Indonesia: 30 Years of Stability
By David Watts, Deputy Foreign Editor, The Times, London, UK
Europe and the Newly Independent States
By Europe Programme Staff
The UN Economic Commission for Europe
By Yves Berthelot, Executive Secretary
Towards a New Industrial Development Paradigm
By Carlos E. Chanduvi Suarez, UNIDO, Country Strategy and Programme Development Division, Latin America-Caribbean Programme and Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmient, UNIDO, Mobilization and Management of Financial Resources Division, Government Funds Unit
The UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
Finance and Investment Promotion
Foreign Direct Investment: Bringing Together Expertise, Technology and Management with Labour, Local Infrastructure and Opportunity
By Sergio Zampetti, Director, UNIDO Investment Service
Technical Cooperation – Sowing the Seeds of Technology from which Industry can Grow
By INIDO Technology Service Staff
Financing Industrial Development
By Adrie de Groot, Senior Administrative Officer, UNIDO, Financial Resources Management Division
Steps in Luring Foreign Investors
By Peter Muccini
Industrial Development 2000
Global Trends in Industrial Development 2000
By Meghnad Desai, London School of Economics and Political Science
Technology Trends – Towards the Post-Information Age
By Makarand Dehejia
Changing Needs – What Will They Be and How Can They Be Met?
By Tabasim Hussain
The Changing Face of Industry
By Mark Ochieng
Services: A Complimentary Activity but No All-Purpose Solution
By Paul Melly
Industrial Development Priorities
Industrial Policies: What and How Much Should Governments Do?
By Paul Melly
Environment and Energy: The Ongoing Dilemma
By Andrew Sims
The Hub Power Project: The Way Forward in Private Power Development
By Paul Bennett, Regional Director, National Power International
Industrial Statistics: National Needs in a Changing World
By Dr Robert Ballance, Chief, Industrial Statistics Branch, UNIDO
Technical Capabilities and Competitiveness – Two Needs That Defy Measurement
By Tom Hewitt and David Wield
Technology in Newly Industrializing Countries: Managing Innovation in Nations and Firms
By Naushad Forbes
Support for Key Industrial Sectors
By Tabasim Hussain
Teh Quest for Recognizable Standards: New Paths in Quality, Standardization and Metrology
By Dr Stephen R. Wilson
Information Services for Industry: The Need to be Aware
By Per Lind
Human Resource Development: The Response to Change
By Joseph Prokopenko
Small and Medium Enterprises: The Challenge of Helping the Poorest
By Malcolm Herper
UNIDO’s Contribution to Improve the Dynamism and Efficiency of the SME Sector in Developing Countries
By Jean Frederic Richard, Head, Small and Medium Enterprises Branch
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