Association of Caribbean States 1st Edition

Association of Caribbean States – Trade, Transport and Tourism

  • Published in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean States to coincide with the ACS’s 4th Ministerial Meeting.
  • 184 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • December 1998
  • English
Message from H. E. Eduardo Stein Barillas, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala and Chairman of the Ministerial Council of the Association of Caribbean States
Message from the Honourable Ralph Maraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
The Association of Caribbean States and Trade Liberalisation in the Americas
By Simón Molina Duarte, Secretary General of the ACS
Country Profiles
Strategic Alliances and Information Networking in the Caribbean
By Fay Durrant
The ACS and the Regional Integration Process
By Riyad Insanally
CARICOM Works to Become a Single Market and Economy
By the CARICOM Secretariat
The ACS in the Context of Latin American-Caribbean Integration
By Len Ishmael
Trade, Investment and Regional Cooperation: The Caribbean Experience
By Frank A. Campbell
ACS Members and the Global Coffee Market
By C. P. R. Dubois
The World Market for Sugar
By A. C. Hannah
The Caribbean Development Bank in Persuit of its Mandate
By Sir Neville V. Nicholls
The Challenges Facing rhe Banking Sector in the Eastern Caribbean
By Barclays Bank plc
The Caribbean Responds to the Telecommunications Challenge
By Roderick Sanatan
Telecommunications in the ACS Region
By Ian Channing and Larry Luxner
The Caribbean Tourism Organization – A Study in Regional Unity
By Jean Holder
Caribbean Dominates World Cruise Market
By Maria Harding
Towards a Sustainable Tourism in the Wider Caribbean
By Miguel Ceara Hatton
Uniting the Caribbean by Air and Sea
By Sadiq Baksh
Private Sector Takes Increasing Role in Airport Development
By Richard Rowe
Cooperating to Compete in a Global Environment – Airlines in the ACS
By Mark Blacklock
A Passion for Sport
By James Toney
UWI – Unlocking the Potential of the Region
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