Universal Postal Union - 125 Years

The Universal Postal Union - 125 Years 1874-1999

  • Published in conjunction with the Univeral Postal Union to mark UPU’s 125th Anniversary.
  • 274 pages, hardback, A4 sized
  • August 1999
  • English, French
By Thomas E. Leavey, Director General of the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union
UPU Member Countries
Structure of the UPU
125 Years of Promoting Communication Through the Mail
The Wonderful World of Stamp Collecting
By Peter Jennings
The UNDP Salutes the UPU
By James Gustave Speth
Environment: A New Challenge Facing Postal Services
By Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel
The ODCCP and the UPU: A Shared Commitment to International Drug Control and Crime Prevention
By Pino Arlacchi
The Right to Communication and Information in the Cyber-Age
By Frederico Mayor
IATA and the UPU: A Solid Relationship
By Pierre J. Jeanniot
The Evolution of Communication
By Yoshio Utsumi
Drugs by Post? Interpol and the UPU
By Raymond E. Kendall
Providing Comprehensive Assistance
By Kumar Ranganathan
Regional Overviews
North America: In the Throws of Regulatory Reform
By Robert Campbell
Latin America: Private Participation Takes Off
from work by Guillermo Ronderos
The Caribbean: Seeking to Fund Reform
from work by Herbert Niles
Western Europe: Liberalising and Diversifying
By Robert Campbell
Central and Eastern Europe: Rapid Changes
from work by Jan Másak
Arab Countries: Developing Independent Administrative Structures
from work by Hashem Al-Qudah
Africa: Making Progress
from work by Francis M. Chengula and Mahady Diallo
Asia-Pacific: Introducing a New Commercial Dimension
from work by Parvez Asghar Qureshi
Meeting the Challenges
Facing a Changing Environment
By Phillip Hastings
Liberalisation Gains Pace
By Phillip Hastings
Advances in Technology Speed International Mail Tracking
By Phillip Hastings
Securing Postal Communications
By Phillip Hastings
Electronic Revolution Allows New Services
By Phillip Hastings
Trust and Electronic Commerce
By Kathy Livingstone
Embracing the Digital Age
By Richard Poynder
UPU Develops Direct Mail Marketing Campaign
By Harry Chan
Mail Order Market Set to Grow
By Simone Furlonger
UPU Drive to Boost Express Mail Services
By Anik Lambert
Postal Development and Reform
By Richard Porras
Guaranteeing Freedom of Transit
By Pilar Citores
Carrying the Mails
By Petra Brandt
New Opportunities in Logistics Services
By Phillip Hastings
Human Resource Management: The Consequences of Postal Reform
By Marcus Harding
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