Association of Caribbean States 2nd Edition

Association of Caribbean States – Integrating the Caribbean

  • Published in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean States to coincide with the ACS’s 5th Ministerial Meeting.
  • 184 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • December 1999
  • English, Spanish
Message from H. E. Fritz Longchamp, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti and Chairman of the Ministerial Council of the ACS
The Association of Caribbean States: Accelerating the Pace of Integration
By Simón Molina Duarte, Secretary General of the ACS
Message from the Honourable Ralph Maraj, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago
Country Profiles
The Fourth Ministerial Meeting in Barbados and the Second ACS Summit
Working With Regional Organisations
A New Era for Panama
By James Wilson
The Building of the Panama Canal
By Frank A. Campbell
Future Directions of the ACS
By Wesley Gibbings
Trade and Development in Central America
By Alfredo Guerra-Borges
Globalisation and Regional Integration
By Dr Arnold McIntyre
Regional Links between Central America and the Caribbean
By Eduardo Montealegre Rivas
Electric Power and Gas Interconnections in the Caribbean
By Chandrabhan Sharma
Telecom Growth Spurs Investment in the ACS Region
By Larry Luxner
Proposals for a Telecommunications White Paper
By Roderick Sanatan
The Challenges of Electronic Commerce: New Opportunities for the Region
By Wilma J. Primus
The Millennium Bug: The Caribbean Prepares
By Frank A. Campbell
Caribbean Tourism – A Major Force for Caribbean Integration
By Jean Holder
Mega-Ships Boost Caribbean Cruise Market
By Maria Harding
Growing Demand Drives Caribbean Port Development
By Tony Peisley
ACS Airlines Invest in Service
By Mark Blacklock
The Banana Crisis and the Impact on the Caribbean
By Miguel Ceara Hatton
ACS Cooperation on Natural Disasters: From Agreement to Action
By Jeremy Collymore
Mitigating natural Disasters in Nicaragua
By Claudio Gutiérrez Huete
The Caribbean Basin: A Global Overview
By Manuel Zapata Olivella
Developing a Programme of Linguistic Integration for the Caribbean
By Fay Durrant
Totems and Icons in 20th Century Caribbean Culture
By Claudette Earle
The Staff of the ACS Secretariat
Useful Website Addresses
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