Association of Caribbean States 5th Edition

Association of Caribbean States – The Greater Caribbean, Sea of Opportunity

  • Published in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean States to coincide with the ACS’s 8th Ministerial Meeting.
  • 176 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • November 2002
  • English, Spanish
Message from His Excellency Doctor Guillermo Augusto Pérez-Cadalso, Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs of Honduras and Chairman of the Ministerial Council of the ACS
Message from Professor Norman Girvan, Secretary General of the ACS
Country Profiles
Belize, Host Country of the 8th Ministerial Meeting
The Caribbean at a Crossroads: Challenges and Perspectives in the New Millennium
By Dr Zoila González Maicas
Latin America and the Caribbean’s Share of International Trade
By Giovanni E. Reyes
Using Early Warning Systems to Protect the Caribbean
By Juan Fernando Valey
The Greater Caribbean and the European Union After the Madrid Summit
By Juan Carlos Martínez-Piva
Relations between Argentina and the English-speaking Countries of the Caribbean
By Julio Miller
Tourism in the Greater Caribbean: Towards the Implementation of a Sustainable Tourism Zone
By Dr Zoila González Maicas
Uniting the Caribbean by Air and Sea – A Considerable Challenge, an Equally Large Solution
By Carlos J. Dávila
Airline Cooperation in an Era of Change
By Mark Blacklock
How Much Does the Caribbean Gain from Offshore Services?
By Thomas Klak
Smaller Nations Tap the Benefits of Telecoms Deregulation
By Canute James
Caribbean Court of Justice – Is the Caribbean Prepared?
By Peter Richards
The CARICOM Single Market and Economy: Utopia or Reality?
By Wesley Gibbings
The Free Movement of Labour and its Effects on Caribbean Microstates
By Frank L. Mills
Current and Future Challenges for Civil Society inthe Greater Caribbean: Towards a Critical Self-Assessment
By Andres Serbin
Reflections on the Greater Caribbean: Multiple Identities in the Atlantic World
By Jean Stubbs
Unity in Diversity: The Harmony Model in Suriname
By Ranu Abhelakh
The Indigenous COultures of Central America
By Carlos Morales
Message in a Bottle – The Future of Caribbean Rum
By Luis Araujo
The Staff of the ACS Secretariat
The Greater Caribbean and the ACS
The Caribbean Sea: Our Common Patrimony
By Riyad Insanally
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