International Gas Union - Seven Decades with IGU

  • Our first publication for the International Gas Union, marking the organisation’s 70th anniversary.
  • 186 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2003
  • English
Vision, Mission and Objectives
Countries Represented in IGU at December 31st, 2002
The Methane Age: Building New Bridges Spanning from Combustion to Hydrogen Technologies
Message from the President, Hiroshi Urano
Serving the Gas Industry Worldwide – Seven Decades with IGU
By Peter K. Storm
The Foundation and Early Years of IGU
By Mark Blacklock
IGU’s Recent Developments
By Hans Jørgen Rasmusen
IGU Organisation
IGU Meetings
Why Become a Member of IGU
By Mark Blacklock
The Special Projects of the Japan Gas Association
By Chiaki (Jack) Gomi
The World Gas Conference – Where the World’s Gas Executives Meet
Mark Blacklock interviews Peter K. Storm
The History of the International LNG Conferences
By Bernard S. Lee and Colleen Taylor Sen
Current Issues
Entering the Methane Age
By Mark Blacklock
Natural Gas Supplies to 2100
By Michael A. Adelman and Michael C. Lynch
Is Methane Production from Hydratwes aa Feasible Future?
By Iain Esau
Transport Costs are Key to Meeting the Growth of Gas Demand
By Fred Thackeray
Gas Demand
By Fred Thackeray
Global Prospects and Opportunities for Methane Technologies in the 21st Century
By Nebojša Nakićenović
The Future
Gas Powers the People and Preserves the World
By George H. B. Verberg
The Triennial Work Programme 2003-2006
By Mark Blacklock
The Role of Natural Gas in A Hydrogen Energy Future
By Robert J. Harris, Jaques Saint-Just, Yoshikiyo Asaoka and David R. P. Thatcher
The Fischer-Tropsch Gas-to-Liquids Business
By Fred Thackeray
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