Association of Caribbean States 7th Edition

Association of Caribbean States – A New Vision for the Greater Caribbean

  • Published in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean States to coincide with the ACS’s 11th Ministerial Meeting.
  • 148 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2006
  • English, French, Spanish
Message from Vicente Fox Quesada, President of the United Mexican States
Message from His Excellency Dr Luis Ernesto Derbez, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico
Message from Dr Rubén Silié, Secretary General of the ACS
Country Profiles
The ACS: One Dream Fulfilled and Some to Be Realised
By Jolamario Arbeláez
The European Union and the ACS:A Shared Commitment to the Region
By Amos Tincani
Peace and Democratic Government in the Greater Caribbean: The Crucial Role of Civil Society
By Andrés Serbin
The Challenges for the Greater Caribbean of International Involvement and Commercial Negotiations
By Dr Antonio F. Romero Gómez
Smooth Sailing and Safe Harbours through Intelligent Cooperation
By Luis Carpio
Tourism in the Greater Caribbean: Focus on Security
By Jasmin Garraway
Enhancing Poverty Reduction through Disaster Risk Reduction
By Cassandra Rogers
ACS Aviation Set for Growth
By Mark Blacklock
St Lucia Jazz – Its Importance to Brand St Lucia
By Peter Hilary Modeste
St Kitts and Nevis in the Context of the ACS
By S. B. Jones-Hendrickson
Colombia: A Strong and Dynamic Presence in the Greater Caribbean
By Kent Francis-James
Hieroglyphics – First Records of Ancient Meteorological Events
By Juan Fernando Valey Reyna
CRAG/INRA and Caribbean Regional Cooperation
By Danielle Celestine Myrtil Marlin
UNICA’s Commitment to the Regionalisation of Education
By Lorna Parkins
The Caribbean Association of Industry and Commerce – The Voice of the Caribbean Private Sector
By Christine Poon-King
We Can Put an End to Hunger
By Pedro Medrano Rojas
AIDS: Cuba in the Context of the Caribbean
By Dr Eugenio Selman-Housein Abdo, Dr Yuselis Malagón Cruz, Dr Lilliams Rodriguez Rivera and Dr Adialys Guevara González
The Staff of the ACS Secretariat
The Greater Caribbean and the ACS
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