Association of Caribbean States 8th Edition

Association of Caribbean States – Building Bridges in the Greater Caribbean

  • Published in conjunction with the Association of Caribbean States to coincide with the ACS’s 12th Ministerial Meeting.
  • 113 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • January 2007
  • English, Spanish
Message from Ambassador Gert Rosenthal Koenigsberger, Mister for Foreign Affairs of Guatemala
Message from Dr Rubén Arturo Silié Valdez, Secretary General of the ACS
Country Profiles
From Political Forum to Regional Cooperation Agency: Prospects for the Evolution of the ACS
By Murielle Lesales
Trade in the Greater Caribbean
By Manuel Madriz Fornos
The ACS – The Caribbean Sea and Challenges to its Institutional Development
By Sheldon A. McDonald
If You Build It…
By Luis Carpio
Thoughts on a Holistic Approach to Migration in the Greater Caribbean
By Rubén Arturo Silié Valdez
Strong TPOs for the Future of the Greater Caribbean
By Taiana Mora Ramis
Disaster Prevention in the 21st Century: What Can We Expect?
By Dave Paul Zervaas
The Caribbean as a Cargo Transhipment Centre
By David Renwick
Further Improvements for ACS Airlines
By Mark Blacklock
A Case for “Open Skies” in CARICOM Aviation
By Ian Bertrand
Transport in the Caribbean
By Monique Bégot
CLOVIS: Inserting the French Antiles into the Caribbean Logistics Network
By Jean Crusol and Eric Lambourdière
Caribbean Carnivals
By Lancelot Cowie
The Staff of the ACS Secretariat
The Greater Caribbean and the ACS
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