International Gas April 2009

International Gas, April 2009

  • Lauched at the IGU Executive Committee Meeting in London, UK.
  • 264 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2009
  • English
Vision, Mission and Objectives
Message from the President
Message from the Secretary General
Countries Represented in IGU
IGU Organisation
From the IGU Secretariat
IGM: The IGU Marketing Committee
By Marc Hall
The First IEF-IGU Ministerial Forum
By Erik Gonder
A Busy Council Meeting in Korea
By Mark Blacklock
IGU’s Gas Efficiency Award and Social Gas Award
By Florijana Đedović
News from Organisations Affiliated to IGU
A Great Success for the International Gas Union Research Conference
By George H. B. Verberg
Countdown to the 24th World Gas Conference
By Eduardo Ojea Quintana
Coordination Committee Progress Report
Introduction and Key Developments
Progress Reports from the Committees
Progress Reports from the Task Forces
Annex – Addresses
From Poznan to Copenhagen – Combating Climate Change
By David Adam
Q&A with Gazprom’s Alexander Medvedev
Gas Finance – Think Long Term
By Rod Morrison
New Pipelines Planned to Bring Gas to the European Market
By John Tiratsoo
Coal-bed Methane Moves Up the Agenda
By Iain Esau
Natural Gas for Decentralised Power Generation – A Global Opportunity
By David M. Sweet and Sridhar Samudrala
Unlocking the Value of Flared Natural Gas
By Bent Svensson and Mauricio Ríos
Oil for Development
By Petter Nore
Case Studies from TF GMI: Gas Market Integration in the Southern Cone
By Ariel A. Casarin and Luciana A. Nicollier
The Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Project: Cross-border Gas Pipeline Challenges
The Gas Historical Exhibition at the 24th WGC
By Jacob Fentz, Hanne Thomsen and Jens Utoft
A Profile of New IGU Charter Member S.N.G.N. Romgaz S.A.
Publications and Documents Available from IGU
Events and Acknowledgements
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