LP Gas, Exceptional Energy

The World LP Gas Association - Exceptional Energy

  • Published in conjuction with the World LP Gas Association to promote WLPGA and the use of LPG around the world.
  • 112 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • October 2009
  • English
Discovering the World of LP Gas
The World LP Gas Association
More than 1,000 Uses for LPG
A Global and Responsible Industry
Global LPG Market Outlook
An Exceptional Challenge
Meeting Society’s Energy Needs, Today and Tomorrow
Success through Partnerships
Driving Continuous Improvement for Energy Efficiency through LPG
Bringing LP Gas to our Customers
Guaranteeing the Prosperity of Future Generations
A Sustainable Energy
An Energy Solution for a Low Carbon World
WLPGA Studies
Carbon and Local Pollution – How LPG Stacks Up
LPG, Climate and Health: A Critical Nexus
Tackling Both Carbon Challenges – an Engineer’s Perspective
LP Gas: Efficient Energy for a Modern World
Community Kitchens: A Stepping Stone to Modern Energy for Lower-income Rural Communities
Ensuring Good Safety Practices Worldwide
Modern Energy Access with LP Gas Promotes Economic Development in Africa
Culture and Educational Information for Thousands of Brazilian People
Innovation for Growth
The Japanese Perspective on LP Gas – Saving Energy and Reducing CO₂ Emissions
Government and Business – the Success of Autogas in Guangzhou, China
Empowering the Individual Consumer to Make a Real Difference
Achieving Operational Excellence through Technology
Low Pollution through Cleaner Fuel
Powering Your House and Business
One-third of Cars in Turkey Run on Autogas!
Autogas is Best!
Exciting Developments in the Australian LPG Industry
Autogas, the “Viable” Clean Fuel
The Best Alternative Fuel
LPG Can Change the World – A Focus on the Maritime Sector
LP Gas, Exceptional Energy
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