International Gas October 2009

International Gas, October 2009

  • Launched at the IGU Council Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, just prior to the 24th World Gas Conference.
  • 244 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • October 2009
  • English
Vision, Mission and Objectives
Message from the President
Message from the Secretary General
Countries Represented in IGU
IGU Organisation
News from the IGU Secretariat
From IGM to PGC E: The IGU Marketing Committee
By Marc Hall
IGU’s Gas Efficiency and Social Gas Awards
By Florijana Đedović
News from Organisations Affiliated to IGU
Welcome to the 24th World Gas Conference
By Eduardo Ojea Quintana
Algeria Prepares for LNG-16
By Mark Blacklock
Coordination Committee Progress Report
Introduction and Key Developments
Progress Reports from the Committees
Progress Reports from the Task Forces
The New IGU Triennium
Malaysia Assumes the Presidency
By Datuk (Dr) Abdul Rahim Hj Hashim
The Strategic Guidelines for the Malaysian Triennium
The Triennial Work Programme 2009-2012
By Ho Sook Wah
The IGU Charter Member for Malaysia
LNG in 2009 – From Famine to Feast but For How Long?
By Andy Flower
SIGTTO – 30 Years of Serving the Industry
By Andrew Murray
LNG Carrier Fleet Surges as Trade Stagnates
By Mike Corkhill
Life Cycle Assessment of the European Natural Gas Chain – A Eurogas-Marcogaz Study
By M. Papadopoulo, S. Kaddouh, E. Dridi- Dastrevigne, A. Cigni and D. Hec
Research Collaboration – Meeting the Challenges Facing the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry
By George W. Tenley, Jr.
Promoting Decentralised Energy in China
By David M. Sweet and Ju Ning
ENE•FARM Fuel Cell Systems for Residential Use
By Shunichi Eguchi
Case Studies from TF GMI:
North America Gas Market Integration: Status and Steps
The Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline – Accelerating Gas Market Integration within the ASEAN Region
LNG Market Integration from the Asian Perspective
By Ryo Fukushima
Developments on the GTL Front
By Mark Blacklock
Libya’s Natural Gas Potential
By New IGU Charter Member National Oil Corporation of Libya
Publications and Documents Available from IGU
Events and Acknowledgements
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