GCC 2009 Arabic

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf 2009

  • The GCC’s Yearbook for 2009 lauched at the organisations annual Leader’s Meeting in Kuwait.
  • 114 pages, hardback, A4 sized
  • November 2009
  • Arabic, English
The Countries
The United Arab Emirates
The Kingdom of Bahrain
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The Sultanate of Oman
The State of Qatar
The State of Kuwait
The Progress of the State of Kuwait
GCC Days in Europe: Furthering Dialogue between the Countries of the GCC and the European Union
By Dr Ahmed Al-Dhubaiban
Strong Fundamentals are Helping the GCC Countries Mitigate the Impact of Global Shocks
By Masood Ahmed
GCC Monetary Union
By Dr Raja’ al Marzuqi
OAPEC: A Visionary Pan-Arab Institution
By HE Abbas Ali Naqi
The Gulf Petroleum Industry Boosts Production
By Iain Esau
GCC Airlines Ride Out the Challenges
By Mark Blacklock
GCC Ports Invest for the Long Term
By Karen Thomas
The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Technology
By Dr Abdel Rahman bin Mohamed Al-Arfaj
Satellite Broadcasting and Its Impact on the Youth of the GCC States
By Dr Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Al-Hizan
Developing Further Education in the GCC
By Karen Thomas
Growing Sponsorship a Key to Sporting Success
Geoffrey Weston
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