International Gas April 2012

International Gas, April-September 2012

  • Launched at the IGU Executive Committee meeting in Houston, USA.
  • 240 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2012
  • English
Vision, Mission and Objectives
Message from the President
Message from the Secretary General
Countries Represented in IGU
IGU Organisation
News from the Secretariat
Record Attendance at 2011 Council Meeting
By Mark Blacklock
High Attendance Makes IGRC2011 a Success
By Marie-José Fourniguet, Jack Lewnard, Peter Hinstrup, Robert Badoux and Marc Florette
News from Organisations Affiliated to IGU
Welcome to the 25th World Gas Conference
By Zahariah Abdul Rahman
Message from the Incoming President
By Jérôme Ferrier
Coordination Committee Progress Report
Introduction and Key Developments
Progress Reports from the Committees
Progress Reports from the Task Forces
Mixed Response to Durban Agreement
By David Adam
IGU’s Forum on the Future at COP17
By Georgia Lewis
GGFR Celebrates 10th Anniversary and Progress on Gas Flaring
By Bent Svensson and Mauricio O. Rios
Dr Yumkella’s Goals as an IGU Wise Person
By Georgia Lewis
IGU’s LNG Report Highlights Dynamic Business
By Mark Blacklock
Turning an LNG Import Terminal into an
Export Terminal
By Craig Jackson
Australia: Global LNG Hotspot
By Graeme Bethune
Gate Terminal in Service
By Sander Lemmers
GIIGNL Launches Standard Contract for Short-term LNG Shipping
By Jean Vermeire
Successful Pearl Start-up Re-ignites GTL Interest
By Alex Forbes
Natural Gas: Human, Open and Shaping the Future
By Dimitri Schildmeijer
Increasing Sustainable Gas Production to 2020
By Flavia Di Cino
Smart Gas Grids – Transforming Energy Supply
By Jos Dehaeseleer, Daniel Hec and Ilir Kas
What Place for Gas Heat Pumps in the Future Energy Market?
By Jean Schweitzer and Daniel Hec
Power to Gas and Gas Quality
By Klaus Altfeld
Unaccounted-for Gas – Something is Missing
By Barbara Jinks
Is ACER FERC-lite?
By Susan J. Court
Presenting IGU’s New Charter Members
Publications and Documents Available from IGU
Events and Acknowledgements

International Gas, April-September 2012 can be downloaded as a PDF for free directly from the IGU website or viewed online via the Issuu publishing platform. The permanent link to every edition of International Gas on Issuu is

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