International Gas April 2018

International Gas, April-September 2018

Newly redesigned, the latest issue of International Gas, launched at the IGU’s spring meetings in Cairo, focuses on the final preparations for the 27th World Gas Conference taking place in Washington DC in June. WGC 2018 will also mark the culmination of the USA’s presidency of the International Gas Union and the handover, at the end of the Conference, to Korea for the 2018-2021 triennium.

  • The spring 2018 edition of the International Gas Union magazine International Gas was launched at the IGU’s Executive Commttee Meeting in Cairo and will be available at the 27th World Gas Conference in Washington DC in June.
  • 128 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2018
  • English
Vision and Mission
Message from the President and the Secretary General
Message from the incoming President
Landmark decisions shape IGU’s future
By Mark Blacklock
A second gas revolution
By Mark Blacklock
IGU launches regional conferences and meetings
By Rafael Huarte Lázaro
First Diplomatic Gas Forum in Spain
By Adrian Giddings
Shanghai to host LNG 2019
By Mark Blacklock
LPG – A viable and proven option for power generation available today
By Alison Abbott
Developing effective training programmes to meet workforce challenges
By Patrick Findle
WGC 2018
Update on the 27th World Gas Conference
By Jay Copan
IGU Committees plan wide-ranging WGC 2018 sessions
Open minds and markets – in that order
By Barbara Jinks, Hansch Van der Velden and Dimitri Schildmeijer
The International Energy Charter: A global investment framework for the natural gas industry
By Dr Ernesto Bonafé and Dr Urban Rusnák
Reports from the Regional Coordinators
Presenting IGU’s new members
Activities of IGU

IGU Organisation
Members of IGU
Publications available from IGU
Events and Acknowledgements

International Gas, April-September 2018 can be downloaded as a PDF for free directly from the IGU website or viewed online via the Issuu publishing platform. The permanent link to every edition of International Gas on Issuu is

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