International Gas Spring 2020

International Gas, April-September 2020

The latest issue of International Gas.

  • The spring 2020 edition of the International Gas Union magazine International Gas features the first review of IGRC2020 which took place in Muscat, Oman.
  • 100 pages, softback, A4 sized
  • April 2020
  • English
Vision and Mission
Message from the President and the Secretary General
Update on IGU’s current work programme
By Jeongwook Khang
WGC 2021: Leading the sustainable future discussion in the global gas industry
By Bong Kyu Park
Real climate problems need real energy solutions
By Barbara Jinks
Robotic solutions enhance safety and reduce costs
By Britt Aarhus, Lisbeth Kallevik and Håkon Hilmar Ferkingstad
Transforming waste heat into renewable heat
By Imrich Discantiny
LGC highlights potential and challenges for gas in the region
By Jennifer Arnau and Pablo Farragut
The evolution of natural gas in Colombia and Latin America
By Orlando Cabrales Segovia
LNG outlook for 2020
By Mark Blacklock
A clean future for mobility with gas as vehicle fuel
By Andrea Gerini
IGRC2020: Overcoming the challenges
By Hisataka Yakabe
Reports from the Regional Coordinators
Members’ corner
Presenting IGU’s new members
Activities of IGU
IGU publishes latest case studies in improving air quality

IGU organisation
Members of IGU
Events and Acknowledgements

International Gas, April-September 2020 can be downloaded as a PDF for free directly from the IGU website or viewed online via the Issuu publishing platform. The permanent link to every edition of International Gas on Issuu is

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