Dricus Du Plessis submitted Darren Till by choke in his UFC return bout

Dricus Du Plessis vs Darren

Dricus Du Plessis submitted Darren Till in the midst of their intense matchup by grabbing him in a chokehold and forcing him to tap out. This was the end of Till’s comeback attempt in the UFC.

At UFC 282 in Las Vegas, Till, at 29 years old, faced off against Du Plessis for the first time in over a year. Du Plessis was Till’s opponent in this match. The former welterweight championship challenger had a losing record in four of his previous five bouts before joining the tournament, with his most recent loss coming at the hands of Derek Brunson in September of the previous year. He needed a victory badly at that moment.

When the battle first broke out, Du Plessis dove onto Till’s back for a takedown. Once they were both on the ground, Till took a lot of damage from the Scotsman. As Till was being pinned against the fence, Du Plessis did not let up on the pressure. “The Gorilla” got back up on his feet but was quickly knocked down again. Since his injuries were fatal, Till passed away. Till was the one whose body was most compressed against the barrier.

UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett’s opponent was declared “legally dead” inside the first two minutes of their bout.

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Due to Till’s tenacious defense, Du Plessis was unable to secure a rear-naked choke and get Till to tap. In spite of being outclassed for the whole of the first round, Till staged a comeback at the conclusion of the round and landed some solid ground and pound of his own. Unfortunately for Till, this was not enough to save him from defeat.

Till seemed to be more successful than Du Plessis, who appeared to be struggling after his impressive output in the previous round. In the second round, this was the situation. The Scouser timed his attacks such that his strong left hands and counter elbows would catch Du Plessis as he went within range. At the very end of the second round, as Du Plessis was setting up for a heel hook, the bell rang, giving Till enough time to escape being submitted.

In his comeback to the UFC, Darren Till was choked out and ultimately defeated.

When Till gave up his back in the third round, Du Plessis delivered a huge smash and quickly moved into full mount, where he continued to rain blows on him. It was so even though Du Plessis was in full mount. It didn’t take the South African long to get the rear-naked choke, and once he did, Till tapped out. This was the third consecutive loss for Till. Till is now 1-3 in his professional career. It’s been reported that Du Plessis stated something like, “In the final round, I knew the takedown was there.” after he won. “It’s beyond incredible that I was able to beat Darren Till; you have no idea!”

After Michael Bisping became the first British fighter to win a UFC title, “The Gorilla” was heralded as the next big thing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). However, injuries and consecutive losses stopped him from living up to these expectations. When it comes to boxing, Till hasn’t tasted victory since the month of November 2019 and has lost five of his last six bouts.

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