The World Cup host nation of Qatar has to calm their jitters before facing Senegal


DOHA, Qatar (AP) — If the Qatari players are unable to overcome their anxieties and perform well in their second group encounter against Senegal, there is a significant potential that things will go much worse for their squad at the World Cup. Senegal is the current champion of Africa.

“It is common knowledge that one gains wisdom from their past experiences,” On Thursday, Qatar’s Spanish coach Felix Sanchez made the following statement. “Let’s hope that we’ve liberated ourselves from all this strain or tension that was present on the first day.” [Translation:] “Let’s hope that we’ve gotten rid of all this pressure or tension.”

The Qataris are already the first hosts to lose the first game of a World Cup. On Sunday, they were defeated by Ecuador 2-0 in Group A play, which was their nation’s largest athletic event ever. As a result, the Qataris became the first hosts to ever lose the opening game of a World Cup.

They are now in danger of being the only other host nation after South Africa in 2010 to be ousted in the group stage as a result of this.

But what if you continue to lose every game? Or the depressing possibility that they won’t be able to score a single goal in their own World Cup?

As a result of this, FIFA’s choice to give the World Cup to a tiny but extremely affluent Gulf emirate that had never qualified for the sport’s most prestigious event before obtaining the right to host it 12 years ago is certain to get even more criticism.

On Friday, Qatar will have its next opportunity to demonstrate that it deserves a spot on a World Cup field when it takes on Senegal. Senegal is a team that still boasts a variety of players from the top leagues in England, Spain, Italy, and France, even though it is missing forward Sadio Mane due to an injury.

Sanchez remarked, “Let us compete at our greatest level and show that we can compete much more than we did the other day, regardless of the outcome.” “Let us compete at our highest level and show that we can compete much more than we did the other day.”

Qatar may win the 2019 Asian Cup, but the fact that every player of their national team plays for a club in their home country is maybe an indication that they are not yet up to the level necessary to compete in a World Cup.

Sanchez claimed that the World Cup was a part of a longer-term initiative to improve soccer in the Gulf nation. He was referring to the endeavor as “the long-term project.”

We are a little nation with a comparatively insignificant population. Sanchez made the following statement: “I do not know whether there is any other nation that has staged a World Cup like Qatar.” “I am certain that after the World Cup, Qatar will continue to work so that the quality of its soccer continues to grow within the capabilities and limits we have.” “I am convinced that after the World Cup, Qatar will continue to work so that the level of its soccer continues to improve.”

After other teams from Arab nations have made themselves more at home in the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, the difficulties that Qatar is having show out even more. In the first week of the competition, the most stunning performances came from Saudi Arabia, who shocked the world by defeating Argentina, and Tunisia and Morocco, who also played well.

Senegal was also eliminated in the first round of the World Cup, but the West African nation gave a formidable Netherlands team a run for their money until second-half injuries to midfielder Cheikhou Kouyate and defender Abdou Diallo disrupted the West African nation’s rhythm and allowed the Netherlands to capitalize with two late goals.

“Senegal was not a terrible place. “We stood up against one of the finest teams in the world, with players on the level of the best in the world,” stated the coach of Senegal’s squad, Aliou Cisse. “I couldn’t be happier with my players, and I couldn’t be prouder of my players.”

Cisse said that Diallo returned to training on Wednesday and that it “went really well.” He added that he hoped Diallo will be back on the training field today and that they would “see how it goes.” There is still some debate over whether or not Kouyate will play against Qatar.

Cisse has said that the primary emphasis for his squad would be up front, where he has great hopes for the new combination of Ismaila Sarr, Boulaye Dia, and Krepin Diatta in the front line.

“The mentality of a scorer is crucial. To get the ball into the back of the goal, you have to play with a particular level of intensity. All of our forwards have the ability to score goals. They have shown this in the past before,” Cisse pointed out. “I have no doubt that they will air it once again tomorrow.”

They didn’t quite get it right in their first game together after Mane was ruled out, but if they do against Qatar as Cisse predicts, it may be another difficult day at the World Cup for the countries who are hosting it.

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