Iwaju Web Series Release Date, Cast Update and News


Iwaju, the upcoming animated series from Disney, has a cast of many familiar faces. The series will take place in a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria, and stars a robotic lizard named Otin. The project will be produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, which has a long history of producing films starring cute animals. Here’s what we know so far about the series.

Iwaju will be an animated series

The upcoming animated series “Iwaju” is an African fantasy tale centred around two children growing up on opposite sides of a city. As the characters grow up, they face many tests and challenges. The story follows Tola and Kole, who grew up in different parts of the city and are tested by the mysterious Bode. The series is set to debut on Disney+ in 2023.

The animated series will be the first Disney original property and will not be a remake of a previous film. The animation will be handled by Cinesite VFX, which has worked on other projects such as Sony Pictures Animation’s “The Star” and M-G-M’s Addams Family movies.

The show will be produced by Disney Animation and Kugali and will take place in a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria. The series will consist of six episodes. Once completed, it will be distributed on Disney+ and other streaming services. The production team has also said that the series will be available to download on iTunes and other digital platforms.

Disney Animation Studios and Kugali have partnered to produce the series “Iwaju.” The series will be set in a futuristic Lagos and will examine themes such as class and innocence. Kugali’s co-founder Ziki Nelson has written the series. The collaboration between Disney and Kugali will allow the series to showcase the unique skills of both companies.

The show is set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, and will deal with issues of class, innocence, and challenging the status quo. The show’s title is derived from the Yoruba word “iwaju,” meaning future. It will deal with issues of class, innocence, defiance, and class.

It will be set in a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria

  • Iwaju is a new animated series from Disney Animation Studios that takes place in the future and is a love letter to the African continent. Set in a futuristic version of Lagos, it explores themes of the class divide, innocence, and defying the status quo. The series is set in 2023 and will premiere on Disney+.
  • The show is being produced by Disney Animation Studios and Kugali, an African entertainment company. The project is based on the Yoruba language, which means “future.” The series will feature primarily Black African characters and explore deep themes of class, innocence, and challenging the status quo.
  • Iwaju will be set in – you guessed it – a futuristic version of Lagos, Nigeria. It will follow two kids named Kole and Tola as they make their way through this city, which is divided into have-nots and haves. They must also find out more about the sinister activities of a crime lord, Bode.
  • In November 2019, Disney is introducing the service to African countries, which previously did not have it. Currently, only six African countries, including Nigeria, have access to the service. The other countries are South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia. People living in those countries have to use virtual private networks to watch Disney movies. In addition, individuals living in those countries must use cards that allow them to transact overseas.

It will feature a robotic pet lizard named Otin

Despite being a Disney movie, ‘Iwaju’ is still more than a kid’s fantasy. It will feature a rags-to-riches story of romance, danger, and wonder. The movie will follow the adventures of a street kid named Kole and a wealthy heiress named Tola. While the story is a fantasy, it also includes a lizard named Otin.

Tola’s dad Tunde will also appear in the film. The lizard is an enchanting pet that can also help Asha solve problems and save the day. He is also a gifted actor. He has been acting for years. The film will feature Ariana DeBose and Grammy-nominated Julia Michaels in the lead roles.

The robot lizard is being developed by scientists from the University of the Sunshine Coast. Researchers studied the way that lizards move, and found that lizards have a very useful skill for vertical crawling. These qualities are perfect for future surveillance machines.

It will be produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios

Disney has announced a new animated series for Disney+ called Iwaju, produced by Kugali and Disney Animation. The new series will explore a future version of Lagos, Nigeria. The film is expected to debut on Disney+ in 2023. The new project is the first original Disney property and won’t be a sequel to a previous film. The studio has hired Cinesite VFX to do the animation. The company previously worked on films such as The Star, Zootopia and the Addams Family.

The series will star an adorable lizard named Iwaju and will take place in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria. The series will feature sci-fi technology and a love letter to Lagos. It will be the first collaboration between a major studio and an outside studio.

Iwaju will be the first collaboration between Disney Animation Studios and a West African animation studio. The series will take place in a futuristic Nigeria, and will tackle themes of class divide and inequality. Disney is also collaborating with Kugali, a company based in Africa.

Kugali was established in 2017 by three Nigerians and Ugandans. They conceived the comic book collection “Iwaju,” which means “future” in Yoruba. Disney has partnered with FilmOne entertainment in Nigeria to distribute the film throughout English-speaking West Africa.


The Iwaju cast and release date have been announced, and we could not be more excited! The movie is set to premiere in December 2020, and it stars some of our favorite actors, including Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o, and Michael B. Jordan. We cannot wait to see what this film has in store for us, and we will be sure to keep you updated on all the latest news and updates.

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