After firing dozens of test missiles this week, Kim Jong Un criticises the US and South Korea for their "dangerous war drill."


The isolated nation of Kim Jong Un, which last week launched a volley of missiles toward Seoul, one of which crossed the Northern Limit Line, criticised the United States and its allies for conducting a "dangerous war practise."


According to state-run media KCNAWatch, the North Korean military described the latest military drills by Seoul and Washington as a "open provocation and deadly war drill" on Monday.


This occurred following six days of air drills between the United States and its ally, South Korea, last week, which finished on Saturday.


During this time, Pyongyang tested a number of missiles into the ocean, including what may have been an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). On Wednesday, it launched at least 23 missiles, which is a record for one day.


The military in Pyongyang described the "Vigilant Storm" drills as "a deadly war simulation of extremely high hostile type" and a "open provocation aimed at purposely aggravating the situation."


Additionally, North Korea engaged military exercises that simulated assaults on planes and air bases.


along with a significant South Korean city, it stated, in order to "smash the adversaries' relentless war frenzy."


The more consistently the opponents continue to make aggressive military actions


The K.P.A. will combat them more forcefully and viciously the more.