In a back-and-forth bout, Dricus Du Plessis choked out Darren Till in his UFC return.

Till, 29, faced Du Plessis at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. The former welterweight championship contender has lost four of his previous five bouts, most recently against Derek Brunson last September, and needed a victory.

Du Plessis went for a takedown and got on Till's back, landing huge blows on the Scouser.

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Du Plessis was pounding as Till was trapped against the fence, and 'The Gorilla' was pounded back down after getting up.

Till avoided a rear-naked choke from Du Plessis.

Till made a late comeback and landed some powerful ground and pound after being dominated for the entire first round.

In the second round, Till was beating Du Plessis, who looked fatigued after his great production in the first.

The Scouser timed Du Plessis's approach with strong left hands and counter elbows.

Till was rescued by the bell from a heel hook by Du Plessis in the second round.

In the third round, Du Plessis unleashed a big bomb and took full mount, raining down blows as Till gave up his back.