The final night of Trevor Noah's 7-year run as host of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" featured a packed audience, a full cast of correspondents, and star-studded farewell messages.

“Don't be sad,” Noah stated in his final monologue.

Not at the desk. I returned home. It's been crazy."

A tribute from correspondents and a video montage of goodbyes from Oprah, Issa Rae, Kamala Harris, Tracy Ross, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, and others helped Noah get through the night.

Noah, a South African comedian, added an outsider's perspective to the show.

Noah encouraged his audience to go beyond democrat and republican ideologies, noting the power of American political parties.

"As we live in a culture where we progressively expose ourselves to things that divide us, we forget that true friendships begin from commonalities, and then the conflicts are how we polish each other as human beings," he remarked.

“Issues are real, but politics are just an inventive way to solve them,” Noah said.

“It's not binary. No issue has two solutions. There are many paths.”